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Wedding Hand Bouquet : How To Choose

Today, wedding hand bouquet become one of tradition in wedding. That said, once the bridesmaids who want to “catch” marriage of the bride will try to bring a tear to take home a wedding dress. Imagined it’s sad that the bride’s home with a ripped dress? Well, this tradition was changed by the bride throwing a bouquet of flowers before leaving the scene of the wedding.

wedding-hand-bouquetWedding Hand Bouquet

Wedding Hand Bouquet History

Tradition of throwing a bouquet of flowers believed to come from the 14th century is believed to bring luck to the woman who caught it. That said, the woman who caught the woman would marry next.

white-yellow-wedding-hand-bouquetSimple Wedding Hand Bouquet

According to the Wedding Inspiration book written by Tina Andrean, there is the story behind the wedding hand bouquet. Originally, the bride carries only a pinch of herbs. Fragrant herbs are believed to counteract the influence of the forces of evil, misfortune, and disease. Generally, the bride use garlic. Then in the days of Greek and Roman tradition was altered by pinning a flower on the hair of the bride as a symbol of life and fertility.pink-color-wedding-hand-bouquetPink Wedding Hand Bouquet

To find the right to wedding hand bouquet, the bride usually just choose based on color and personal taste. However, after know the meaning of this, you should begin to carefully selecting the flowers. Choose the flowers according to your character and your partner. You can try to be creative in form, be it round, geometric, or symmetrical. Lightweight, long, or slender. Natural, elegant, or dramatic. There are so many options that you can take.

red-wedding-hand-bouquetElegant Wedding Hand Bouquet

Here are tips from Tina Andrean to choose wedding hand bouquet to choose :

  1. Customize with your wedding dress. Consult with a wedding florist or wedding decorator to help your party. Do not order them suddenly, who knows flowers that you order is not in their season.
  2. For a simple wedding dress, your wedding hand bouquet can be designed with a little color. Conversely, for wedding dresses that are very colorful and full of detail, you should select more simple flower. Note also the ribbons and other flower accessories that do not look too much when paired with your wedding dress.
  3. For a white dress, you could try to match the colors of special interest, such as orange or fuchsia.
  4. You can also try to make the colors match with your flower colors.
  5. When you want to get excellent flowers from manufacture, you must book it in advance.