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wedding flower ideas


Flower for Wedding

Wedding is very special moment which is very important and many people are waiting for that moment. Every person must want to feel happy and relaxed in wedding day. For that reason, flower is very important to complete the wedding ceremony for more beautiful situation. Beautiful and romantic situation in wedding ceremony will make the guests feel comfortable when they attend your wedding. What are the wedding flower ideas which are on your mind now?

Tips to Choose Flower for Wedding

Here are some tips to choose wedding flower to make your wedding ceremony exciting:

• Color
Flower colors are very important. Choose the flower with the color you and your spouse like. The best color for wedding is white because white symbolizes pure love. White lily and white rose can be combined to decorate your wedding ceremony.

• Mix with the ideas
In addition to deal with combining the various kinds of colors, you can also explore your creativity to combine the flowers. You can look at the example of flower arrangements to mix it with your own ideas.

• Matching with decoration
The flowers should match with your wedding decoration. Flower is not only for decorating your wedding, but also you can put it at the right angle of your wedding room to look beautiful and tidy.

• Bouquet
Use flower as bouquet to make your wedding dress become romantic and elegant. It would be better to use simple bouquet so that it will not disturb your wedding dress.

Flowers You Can Choose for Your Wedding Flower Ideas

There are many kinds of flowers you can choose to complete and decorate your wedding. Rose is the most common flower which is used in wedding. Red rose and white rose symbolize true love and beauty. Lily is very fresh and beautiful. It will create fresh and romantic atmosphere on your wedding ceremony. Tulip is also good choice because it has many various colors. Finally, it’s up to your choice to choose what the most appropriate flowers for your wedding flower ideas.