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Wedding Cupcakes Prices: From San Diego, Chicago, LA, To California


Wedding cupcakes prices varies in different regions. There are many stores offering purchase or orders with good price. People are now choosing these cupcakes as their wedding cakes as they can serves each guest with special individual cakes with the same dressing in each other. They look wonderful with variety of decorations just like big cake. The wedding cupcakes prices are also not much, you can save a lot. If you are living in different areas, here is the guide for you.

Wedding cupcakes prices in San Diego

San Diego the city of modernity has lots of good places that provide wedding cupcakes especially with good wedding cupcakes prices. One recommended place is Heavenly Cupcake which provides daily flavor cupcakes with pricing at $3.25 for regular size cupcakes and $1.75 for the mini size. You can get cheaper wedding cupcakes prices in big order.


Wedding cupcakes prices in Chicago

Sprinkles Cupcakes, Molly’s Cupcakes, Swirlz Cupcakes, and Phoebe’s cupcakes are variety of stores in Chicago that you can try to order your wedding cupcakes. Like the Sprinkle Cupcakes, they have many stores around the states offering the finest ingredients like Belgian chocolate. The wedding cupcakes prices in chicago are around $10 with tower cupcakes not including the ribbon kits. For mini cupcakes, you should buy around $24 per dozen.

Wedding cupcakes prices in Los Angeles

In LA, you can buy wedding cupcakes in places like Susie Cakes, Sprinkles Cupcakes, Crumbs bake shop, Temptations cupcakes, Magnolia Bakery, and more. They offer you the best cupcakes with affordable wedding cupcakes prices. The wedding cupcakes prices in Los Angeles range are between $18 and $42 per dozen depending on the size, type and flavors.


Wedding cupcakes prices in California

California also has amazing wedding cupcakes stores in town. For example, you can go to Cupcakes Craving, Miss Priss Cupcakes, Kara’s Cupcakes and others. Yummy Cupcakes and Sprinkle are also available here. About the wedding cupcakes prices, it is around $35 to $65 per box.