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Stunning Purple Wedding Invitations: Matching the Colors

Purple wedding invitations do not only show the beauty and the elegance of your invitations are but also share the deep meaning behind of it. Basically, purple is about nobility, royalty, luxury, spirituality and inspiration. The darker purple brings meaning of romance and delicacy. When other people choose traditional white and bright color invitations, you will be stand out in the middle of the trend with the romantic purple wedding invitations.

Purple-Wedding-Invitations-Picturepurple wedding invitations envelope

Purple wedding invitations with flowers

Why flowers? Of course it is for purple that can match with the flowers color like roses, freesias, gladioli, and tulips. If you are designing the purple wedding invitations yourself, you can choose different flowers to be the pattern of your purple invitations envelope or create flowers frame in the invitation cards. This way, you can set the mood of the people receiving the purple wedding invitations from you.


Purple wedding invitations with flowers

Matching different colors in purple wedding invitations

To give the balance in your purple wedding invitations, different colors like gold, silver, lilac, ivory, yellow, lime green, cream or violet would be best to give the layered effects. If you are too lazy to experiment yourself with your tight wedding plan schedule, you can ask your friends or invite the professional to help you bring different colors to your purple wedding invitations.

White in purple wedding invitations




You don’t have to use the full purple color in your invitations. You can use purple as the color of the pattern or ribbon which is placed in the white card. Use some purple printing into your white based paper to give the romantic accents. You can always put other colors too like pink and white itself. Just be creative in designing your stunning purple wedding invitations!

On the other hand, you can use white as the floral pattern of your purple based card. White as the printed text will be very striking the eye of the readers. The examples of beautiful patters that you can use in your purple wedding invitations are bold plum, polka dots, and swirls. If you have different patterns idea, don’t hesitate to use them in your purple wedding invitations!


White invitation with purple ribbon