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Small Wedding Ideas: Perfect Locations and More Unique Unique ideas


Small wedding with family

In the middle of big wedding trend with loads of guests in a big full decorated ballroom, there are still some people who are thinking about small wedding ideas. They want their wedding ceremony more private and intimate with just two of them or with some family and close friends so that they can share their time better. In this case, you might want to do the same thing. And getting small wedding ideas is not something that difficult.


Find the perfect locations as the small wedding ideas

Small-Wedding-Ideas-PictureA small wedding in the garden of historical place

As you might not need a big place, you can choose an Inn or restaurants as the option. An Inn and a restaurant will let you held a simple ceremony including the wedding reception which is perfect with your wedding size.

Beside an Inn, garden wedding is also nice choice to have small wedding. Or, you might want to do that in your own garden so you can get the best modification as you like.

The other small wedding ideas that you can do are holding your big day in historical places like castles or museums. The setting is already perfect to give you the sacred feeling in your wedding without changing anything. But bear in mind; do not choose historical building with ghastly history. It might lose the meaning of your precious wedding.

Small-Wedding-Ideas-PictureA small wedding in the beach

Selecting a small yacht is one of the best small wedding ideas; you can go to Key West, or Hawaii, or other places in the State that have beautiful oceans. Don’t forget that our country has lots of option of beach wedding.

Make your small wedding ideas as unique as possible!

Even it is just a small wedding; do not miss the opportunity to be different. Your wedding is once in your lifetime. You should make it special like choosing the unique theme and the unique locations. You can start with your wedding dress, instead of just wearing a normal gown; you can select the unique dress like black wedding dress or mini wedding dress.

Small-Wedding-Ideas-PictureA unique small wedding

A unique cake design will also be the part of small wedding ideas. You can choose individual cakes that later can be given to the guest rather than bigger cake which might be more expensive. Insert some fun activities in your small wedding ideas like board games or something in the table for the guests. That would be awesome small wedding ideas!