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Simple Wedding Dress 2012 Inspirations

Simple wedding dress I always better. Without too much ruffles and ornaments you can get the best look with simple wedding dress. However, you cannot juts choose a wedding dress for its simplicity; you might look outdated if you choose the wrong style. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing simple wedding dress that suits you the most, and of course you and everyone like it!

Simple Wedding Dress – The Best Styles

Basically, any style is perfect for simple wedding dress. Whether you choose strapless, off shoulder or sleeved dress doesn’t really matter. Here are some best style options:

Long simple wedding dress – the best for showing your pure charm and taking all the attention of the auditions because you show the best shape of your body. You can choose the empire or mermaid style for long dress. Modifying the long simple dress with brooch on the bodice or belt is also nice. A-line and sheath also the perfect choice.


Short simple wedding dress – brings the simplicity and elegance at the same time. You can show your beautiful legs. You wedding shoes will also stand out more. For the most important, you can save your budget with short simple wedding dress. It suits with the wedding dress theme 2012 in simplicity.

Simple Wedding Dress – Colors


White is the number one choice of simple wedding dress. Why? Of course, it’s because it symbolizes the purity of the wedding. Also, it symbolizes the beginning of the couple’s life. Other than white, you will look prettier with ivory color. A simple wedding dress with ivory brings the traditional yet classy touch to your wedding. So, what about another color?

Black, peach, pink and red are the other colors that are perfect for simple wedding dress. This way, you will be a different bride but still bring the fashion trend of 2012. Now are you ready for being the most beautiful bride with your stunning simple wedding dress?