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Silver Shoes For Wedding: the Best Ideas


Lovely silver shoes for wedding dress

Silver shoes for wedding are the perfect choice! They match with any wedding dress in any colors and have great meaning behind the color. From the traditional point of view, silver brings the energy of the moon. It symbolizes the mystery, femininity as well as female power. In a wedding where a bride is the queen, she should show and expose all her beauty. And you can do that by wearing silver shoes.

What types of silver shoes for wedding?


Peep toe silver shoes for wedding

Regardless the rich and classy colors, the types ofare also considered to be important. You can wear any silver shoes but you should choose the ones that match with your wedding dress most. Peep toe, open toe, or closed toe is optional.

Open-Toe-Silver-Shoes-For-Weddingopen toe silver shoes for wedding

Choose your preferred details that match with your taste. You choose silver shoes for wedding with crystal or pearl details. As your shoes are silver, find the sparkling white details in your shoes. Flower details with vintage style are also nice in silver shoes. Just make sure that the details will stand out in the sparkling silver colors.

Heels choices for silver shoes for wedding




Silver low heel – is best for brides who want to feel comfortable along the wedding ceremony and reception. Silver mid heel – is ranging between 2” to 3” which will show your pretty feet in sexy way. Silver high heel – is the best to stand out with any wedding fashions. Whichever heel you choose for the silver shoes for wedding, you should choose the most comfortable one for you as you will spend your time standing in a long time in the D-day.

Best silver shoes for wedding



Benjamin Adams Charlize wedding shoes – a silver peep toe shoes in high heel. The sparkly detailed look fabulous is coming from crystals decoration. The soles are Italian leather with ducheese silk. There are lots of people recommencing these shoes. You can get it at $299.00. You will be the most stunning bright with these silver shoes for wedding.