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seven most unique wedding cakes

if normally we creates tiered wedding cake with romantic designs. But apparently, there are some wedding cakes are purposely designed with an unusual shape. Here it is seven most unique wedding cakes, as quoted from the knot.

1. Mario Bross  cake

mario bross cake
mario bross cake (via : wolipop.com)

Making the game Super Mario Bros as the theme of the cake, not only be done when the birthday child. For A bride and groom who (it seems) like Nintendo game, Mario and Princess Peach presents as a symbol of the bride and groom.


2. Cheese and Mice cake

Cheese and Mice Cake
Cheese and mice cake (via : wolipop.com)

It is unclear what the background for the choice of a bride and groom from Wisconsin,USA to choose a wedding cake-shaped pile of cheese decorated with mouse. Very no sense.


3. Japanese Anime cake

Japanese Anime Cake
Japanese Anime Cake (via : wolipop.com)

For you who lovers  Japanese cartoon culture, the idea of anime characters put on a wedding cake seems to be an option.


4. Cactus cake

cactus Cake
cactus Cake (via : wolipop.com)

got inspiration from life-style Koboy, a pair of wedding couples choose a cactus wedding cake-shaped . Not just one, even the cactus cake deliberately created in a variety of models.


5. Vegas Gambling cakes

Vegas Gambling cakes
Vegas Gambling cakes (via : wolipop.com)

No more ‘attention’ of the wedding cake decorated with giant dice and casinocoins. The atmosphere of Las Vegas more so with decorative coins and symbol’Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Nevada’.


6. Reversed Wedding cake

Reversed Wedding cake
Reversed Wedding cake (via : wolipop.com)

Bored with the form of a tiered wedding cake ? Try to turn it over.

7. Deer Head cakes

Deer Head cakes
Deer Head cakes (via : wolipop.com)

From his appearance, it may be assumed that couples who choose this cake likes to hunt. They even put the pieces together male and female deer head on top of the cake.