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J Crew Wedding Dress Collection For 2012

Do you intend to makes your wedding held in the near future? If you answered yes, then your mind will be focused on the wedding dress. Which wedding dress will you wear. Is that expensive, moderate or low  thin price.

For your consideration, you may be able to see the latest wedding dress collections released by J Crew Wedding, this time they are launching several  wedding dress products as an option for your wedding day. Maybe you’ll think: “This is the expensive dress,” but it turns out that their products out there are 2 products at prices below the 1.000 dollars, although it is possible for some people that the price is quite expensive.

Here are the latest wedding dress collection from j crew wedding :

1. Fleur Gown J Crew Wedding Dress


This is a white colored wedding dress with extra accessories pretty little dots on the front. If you want to get this wedding dress then you have to spend $ 1,500 to have it.

2. Principessa Gown In Lace and Organza J Crew Wedding Dress


A wedding dress with a lovely lace accessories on its front. Today, wedding dress trends predominantly white color apparently still be the best. Price of this  j crew wedding dress product is quite cheap compared to the previous collection, which is worth $ 995

3. Sinclair Gown J Crew Wedding Dress


Still themed white wedding dress, this is a unique wedding dress with vertical accents are formed and shaped cross dressing gown just below the neck area. It also the kind of wedding dress that has a pocket. This wedding dress price is cheaper than ever before, which is only about $ 675

4. Crystalline Gown J Crew Wedding Dress


Wedding dress with extra accessories made ??from crystals sewn by hand and installed manually. Details of the crystal is quite difficult to make a this wedding dress very expensive in price, which is about $ 2.200. Although quite simple, but difficulties in mounting the crystal makes it to be expensive.

5. Georgina Gown J Crew Wedding Dress


The last wedding dress in the collection of J Crew Wedding, the price is quite expensive at around $ 2.200, it comes with tiny accessories buttons on the left side.