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Peacock Wedding Invitations: Self Design Guide

Do you know that peacock wedding invitations are not just simple invitations? There are some deep behind meaning in them, beautiful and full of hope.


elegant gold peacock wedding invitation

Why peacock wedding invitations?

According to Greco-Roman myth, Peacock is the eyes. In Hinduism, Peacock represents kindness, compassion, and benevolence. Asian believes that Peacock is the emblem of love while in Christianity means renewal.

These mean that choosing the Peacock wedding invitations is inviting the hope of every good things is life, the spirit of love. Now, let’s find the types of peacock wedding invitations.


Kinds of peacock wedding invitations

Peacock bird wedding invitations – the invitation card is modified with the peacock bird picture. You can paint peacock with the cage and some floral decoration as the cover of your invitation. Even, peacock is particularly green; you can use the ice blue to the peacock head and eyes. Just use your creativity for this one.

Peacock feather wedding invitations – it is the idea of using the peacock feather only. Usually they have double sided card. The size is at 5.25 x 5.25 inches with the whole peacock feather painted or glued at one side of the invitation.  You can also modify the card with vintage style or use the elegant gold peacock style as the background of the card.

 Peacock-Feather-Wedding-Invitation             Peacock-Wedding-Invitations-Picture

Peacock wedding invitations with gorgeous feather and peacock picture

Peacock wedding invitations with eco-friendly spirit

Peacock is a natural theme that you can use in your wedding invitation. Being eco-friendly in your peacock wedding invitations embraces the spirit to save the planet! To get the eco-friendly spirit, you can use the recycled cardstock. Use any color you like and decorate it with the peacock feather and ribbon based on the color you choose.

Attach the peacock feathers in any style you like. The options can be the wholesale peacock feathers, centerpiece picks, or peacock feather wreath. The painted peacock is also a good idea for simpler design. Making the peacock wedding invitations yourself will be a fun experience to show your true hope for the coming of the guest in your wedding!