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Moslem Wedding Ceremony Series

Unlike other global wedding, moslem wedding lasts about three or fourdays (similar to gypsy weddings). The Arab culture is quite different ideas.

At the moslem wedding ceremony the women are separated from men, since man has a greater role than women. Also, a man can marry several women, but for this you need to keep them all equally.

Moslem-Wedding-PictureMoslem Wedding Picture

Moslem Wedding Ceremony : The Series

Before the bind, all guests must to go to a bathhouse called Haman, which purify the water. Do not forget that they are marriages of convenience and that brides have no voice or buttons to review its future promise. There are very few those who dare to skip the religious norm. There are ancient customs, today more than half of the population follows the tradition.

Prepare the bride in every way. The mother takes care of looking for seamstresses, cooks, hairdressers, makeup artists, embroiderers and decorators to help her get used to his new life. Women have to cover all household chores, that man is forbidden to do something. His idea is mature.

Moslem-Wedding-Ceremony-PictureMoslem Wedding Picture Ceremony

The first day of the wedding, the groom gives the bride eating dates and drinking milk, and the same but in reverse. It’s a topic there. While the bride is the most important role in that day, so, your home is wide open for all who want to visit.

Moslem-Wedding-Ceremony-CostumMoslem Wedding Picture Costume

When the banquet ended the groom arrives with a white horse and carries the bride to her home. On the same night, called the wedding night, are the friends of the groom who collect and take home your in-laws in order to keep the party together. There the bride is waiting and reads a poem that ends with a kiss on the forehead.

Moslems are very careful with the delicacy and devote lots of time so that everything is perfect (many cakes and tanyis).