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Modern Wedding Cake Ideas 2012

Modern wedding cake ideas 2012 means the trends of wedding cake of the year. Along with the spring coming and the following summer season, wedding receptions will be full of new wonderful modern ideas. The ideas we’re talking about is the flavor and the design of the cake.  The modern wedding cake ideas 2012 still have the vintage feelings like the year before but with more challenging flavor and design.

Fruits Flavors in Modern Wedding Cake Ideas 2012

This year, wedding cakes come with exciting fruit flavors! Fruits will give you the natural flavors that are very match with wedding this year. The fruits that become the modern wedding cake ideas 2012are passion fruit, pomegranate and figs. The flavors coming from these fruits will dominate wedding receptions this year.

Passion-Fruit-Wedding-Cake-2012Modern Wedding Cake Ideas 2012 : Passion Fruit

Still with fruits flavors, you might want to mingle it with chocolate into chocolate-orange cake or chocolate-strawberry cake. This way, you can be a little bit different from the trend but you can get the best wedding cake flavor! Just imagine the taste of chocolate and the cake.

Chocolate-Strawberry-Wedding-CakeModern Wedding Cake Ideas 2012 : Strawberry Chocolate

Cake Designs in Modern Wedding Cake Ideas 2012

The modern wedding cake ideas 2012 recommends you with tall cakes with floral sugar cream on the surface.

· Vintage cakeis still the best idea of wedding. The laces and fabric detailed brings the classic feeling in your modern wedding. To make it look more modern, you could try little bit more color but not too much.

Vintage-Wedding-Cake-2012Modern Wedding Cake Ideas 2012 : Vintage Style

· Hand painted cake is another modern wedding cake ideas 2012. This creative cake will brings you the fabulous art into your cake. You can paint anything that you desire. Just design the picture and have the cake artist make it happen to you.

Handpainted-Wedding-Cake-2012Modern Wedding Cake Ideas 2012 : Hand Painted Style

More Tips on Modern Wedding Cake Ideas 2012

·As said before, tall cake will give you more impression. Just add some faux tiers to give the dramatic effects. Put some flowers like roses, calla lilies or hydrangeas to you cake, and duplicating or following the royal wedding cake is also other modern cake ideas 2012 that you should try this year.