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Mermaid Wedding Dresses 2011: The Best Styles

Mermaid wedding dresses 2011 was big hits last year and still continuing this year, the full body pressed dress shows your body line perfectly, telling everyone how sexy you are. Even it looks sexy in one point; it still brings the elegance of a wedding dress. Strapless neckline is the perfect style for mermaid wedding dresses 2011.

Mermaid-Wedding-Dresses-2011-PictureOpen back mermaid wedding dresses 2011

These mermaid dresses are usually made of lace, chiffon, satin and silk which let it flow and great to see and wear. You can also modify mermaid wedding dresses 2011 in colors like ivory and white. Just look how gorgeous you will be with that style and color.


Sweetheart neckline in Mermaid wedding dresses 2011

If you are choosing sweetheart neckline for your mermaid wedding dresses 2011, you must be in romantic mode. Sweetheart neckline shows your feminine side with its curve through your chest. You can also integrate it with choker, princess, Y-drop, pendant, or lariat necklaces.

Mermaid-Wedding-Dresses-2011-Picture Mermaid-Wedding-Dresses-2011-Picture

Sweetheart mermaid wedding dresses 2011

Taffeta mermaid wedding dresses 2011

The other hits fabric and style of mermaid wedding dress is taffeta style. With the smooth woven fabric made of silk, taffeta makes mermaid wedding dresses 2011 look more sparkling. You can see the shinning dress or gown which gives you shinning image in your wedding day. Perfect for any wedding dress style like train, A-line, and others especially the mermaid ones.

Mermaid-Wedding-Dresses-2011-PictureTaffeta mermaid wedding dresses 2011

Train mermaid wedding dresses 2011

If you want to bring the traditional long back portion dress, you can style your mermaid wedding dresses 2011 with train skirt. You will show your royal image while walking in the aisle. For this train style, you can use satin fabric and modify the top with strapless sweetheart neckline. Perfect. Ivory or white is always the best color.

Mermaid-Wedding-Dresses-2011-Picture Train mermaid wedding dress 2011

Organza mermaid wedding dresses 2011

Once again, mermaid wedding dresses 2011 are cool with any fabric and style. This material is popular in wedding gowns material whether as the main material or some make up. Here is the organza wedding dress which is perfect material for mermaid wedding dresses 2011.


 Organza mermaid wedding dresses 2011