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How To Write Wedding Shower Invitations Wording

Wedding shower invitations wording is not something simple to do. You do not need to choose some complicated design with complicated process. The best wedding shower invitations wording is still the best thing to do, but you should find the ones that suit with yourself.


Wedding Shower Invitations Wording Ideas

To do the wedding shower invitations wording, you need to get some ideas from your surroundings. The wedding shower invitations wording ideas depend whether you choose the traditional or modern ideas. For traditional, you can write a poem or famous saying while for the modern one you can write something more simple and fun. After you decide the wedding shower invitations wording, you can start with choosing the suitable cover or card design. As you are about inviting the girls in your bride-to-be party, you should choose some feminine design like cute portrait with colorful frames. Polka dots are one of a unique design. Flowers and girly design would be the best.


Wedding Shower Invitations Wording Examples

You should put every little details of every element like the name of the bride, location, date and time, RSVP name and number, and the themes in your wedding shower invitations wording like the example below:

Kitchen/Recipe Shower

Let’s shower Sarah, our bride, A perfect kitchen we hope to provide. Add your favorite recipe for her file, We’ll outfit Jay and Sarah’s kitchen in style! —– Pots, pans, bowls, and dishes Let’s shower Will and Jackie with their kitchen wishes! —– Carrie loves to cook So give her a recipe from your book. Breakfast, lunch or dinner for two When she cooks it she will think of you!

  Or, the wedding shower invitations wording picture below:


Wedding Shower Invitations Wording For Gift

Joining a wedding shower means showering the bride with loves and prays. After getting so much loves from your friends and family, you should choose the proper thank you card for all the gifts you received. You can say your grateful feeling by using simple words with lots of meaning just like when you are making the wedding shower invitations wording.