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How to Make Simple Wedding Bouquets

Do you know how to make simple wedding bouquets? This time wedding made easy will guide you how to make the simple bouquet. At first, if you plan to get married and need a bridal bouquet, consider that yourself can do it, and you will truly beautiful and save a lot of money, because you do not need to hire wedding bouquet designer. With our guide about how to make simple wedding bouquets then you will get simple but not ugly.

How-To-Make-Simple-Wedding-BouquetteHow To Make Simple Wedding Bouquet

For the wedding bouquet that are very expensive the field is simple and it is the secret to perfect lies, finally, after all, to do with a nice and delicate flowers fresh. Look below step by step on how to make simple wedding bouquets

How-To-Make-Wedding-BouquetteHow To Make Wedding Bouquet

How-To-Make-Wedding-BouquettesHow To Make Wedding Bouquet : Tie The Flowers And Cover With Ribbon

How to Make Simple Wedding Bouquets Guide

  • Remove the leaves of the flowers chosen and put them together to form bouquet a large bouquet. Make sure that the bouquet are in large form for good looking, make the flowers covering all the stem.
  • Tie a wire around the stems to keep the flowers together. You should tied it tightly in order to avoid the bouquet release. Transparent beads placed over the wire and glue.
  • Place leaves on the base of the bouquet, and re-secure them with wire stems holding.
  • Place a piece of organza around the base of the bouquet and re-attach it through a wire.
  • Trim the stems to get the required length.
  • Binds a 15mm tape around the stems-covering the wire-and secure it in place with tape and tack type beads. It ends with a big knot under the head of the bunch.

We hope this how to make simple wedding bouquets guide may help you in makes your own wedding bouquet