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Homemade Rustic Wedding Invitations: The Easy Ways

Rustic wedding invitations with wood colors and country feelings are the best choice for you who want to get married in unique ways. It looks good in any kind of wedding in any seasons especially fall weddings. This theme brings natural and beauty at the same time. The grain and wood details can also be modified with many colors other than brown or yellow.

Rustic-Wedding-Invitations-PictureElegant Rustic wedding invitations in blue, white, and brown

Many couples are using rustic wedding invitations to attract the guest and show them the theme of their wedding event. If you do not like instant ways of getting the rustic wedding invitations, you can make them yourself at home. There are many ideas that might be your inspirations.


Use your computer in making the rustic wedding invitations

As we are living in computer era, we should utilize it fully including designing rustic wedding invitations. You just need to prepare cardstock papers and style them with rustic items. You can do it using the Microsoft Word or Photoshop to edit the pictures on your rustic wedding invitations.

After the design ready you just need to print it on brown papers or any other rustic colors. Country yellow, Navajo bisque, redwood deck, grey putty, green shutter, silver moss and others are the options of color you can use. It is recommended to choose your wedding theme color.

Glue some real rustic stuff on your rustic wedding invitations


Rustic wedding invitations with modification of tie and maps

If you finished printing everything, now it is time to explore your nature to find some twigs or leaves to give the real rustic stuff on your rustic wedding invitations. Use those twigs and leaves for the additional decoration on your invitations. It can be on the envelopes, the card covers or the inside invitations. Use your rustic instincts and taste here. If it is too difficult you can cut some ribbons with zig zag scissors to create something to put on the rustic wedding invitations.


Classic Rustic wedding invitations inside