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Funny Wedding Dance, Lighten Your Weddings

Funny wedding dance is one great idea to lighten your wedding after the teary ceremony rather than the serious awkward traditional dance that usually taken by couples. With funny wedding dance, you do not need to do the hard rehearsals before your wedding, meaning you can save more energy for the D-day. Performing funny wedding dance will also give a perfect surprise to your guests. Create the best choreography made by your own or hired the special instructor. Of course, you can take a look at inspirations below.

Funny Wedding Dance Picture
Funny Wedding Dance Picture (via : bravobride.com)

The Best Funny Wedding Dance  Songs

Songs are particularly important in funny wedding dance. You cannot choose mellow Celine Dion songs to be funny. You should choose some energetic songs to be able to dance all out and of course matching to act funny. However, mixing the hard beat songs with some twists of romantic songs is nice. The best songs for funny wedding dance are the ‘Macarana’, ‘Bringing sexy back’, ‘hammertime, ‘Kung fu songs’, YMCA is always fine, and I Feel Good.

Here you can see Macarena video for your best funny wedding dance

Macarena For Funny Wedding Dance

Watch Some Funny Wedding Dance Videos

Funny wedding dance videos here might let you laugh out loud so be aware. If you actually love it, just do it in your own weddings! A surprise funny wedding dance videos of Justin Bieber would absolutely take everyone’s attention. The other idea is using the Austin Power’s dance to your wedding. Do the bombastic opening of your funny wedding dance and end it with something special like romantic moves. Don’t forget to film your own funny wedding dance videos to enjoy it later.

Here you can see one of surprising Britney Spears funny wedding dance videos

Funny Wedding Dance Britney Spears

More Funny Wedding Dance Ideas

After watching the videos above, have you found your favorite dance? If not, there are more funny wedding dance ideas that you can learn and do. A surprise dance is one thing, or you plan it out and tell everyone in the reception that you’re gonna dance is also fine. Other than dancing with your spouse only, you can always ask everyone in the room to follow your dance! That would be terrific. After the funny wedding dance, it is great that you then show your romantic dance to neutralize your event.

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