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Destin Beach Weddings: Full Information Packages


A romatic wedding in Destin beach weddings

Destin beach weddings are the dream wedding of every couple in summer. Considering the blue sky, the white sand, the refreshing ocean will be worthy enough to hold your wedding in the Destin beach in Florida. Destin is also called as “The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village” which gives you the image of the refreshing water. Destin beach weddings are very popular for its magnificent ocean scenery which can be seen in the peninsula.

Why must Destin beach weddings?

The sugarwhite sand with shells and wedding rings

There are 4.6 million visitors who come to the city just to enjoy the emerald waters in Destin. One of their purposes is of course to get the best Destin beach weddings. They come to experience the barefoot wedding on the sugar-white sands. Either small wedding or big wedding is perfect in this place. The other reason is of course the romance atmosphere of Destin beach weddings.

Destin beach weddings ideas

You can enjoy Destin beach weddings in many ways. First, you should do your wedding barefoot. This is the most romantic thing that you can do with your spouse. Feeling the beach directly with your feet and breath the fresh air from the sea, smelling the sea water will be the best ideas in your Destin beach wedding.


Destin beach weddings decoration idea

There are many Destin beach weddings packages that you can choose. Make sure to do your honeymoon here too if you are from outside Florida. You lay beside the Gulf or making sand castle together. You can also do some dolphin cruise, snorkeling, swimming, and of course fishing!

Destin beach weddings packages

There are many packages of Destin beach weddings you should consider. All of them offer great deal of services in certain price. For example, if your take the ‘just married with photos’ package, you will get traditional ceremony including the minister and 75 digital photos. It costs you around $799.00. A rose heart package will give you additional services like aisle with rose petals, music, and more photos.


A rose aisle package in Destin beach weddings

The price differs in each package up to $3000.00 with full services like large bamboo poles set up, fabric draped, more photos, etc. Just try to find the packages of Destin beach weddings that suit your taste and budget.