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Damask Wedding: Complete Guide and Recommendation


Damask wedding favors

Damask wedding is actually coming from the damask pattern that is used in the wedding lements like dresses, cups, plates, decorations, including the invitations. Damask is originally from the city of Damascus where silk and manufacture is centered in early of middle ages. The damask pattern is a weaving pattern like flowers, fruits or others made of silk, wool, linen, cotton and synthetic fibers.

In modern uses, damasks waves are also used in wedding. A damask wedding is very popular as it brings the classic elegance perfect for celebrations like wedding. If you are interested in damask wedding, here are some basic things that you should do.

Damask wedding dress


With a damask wedding dress, you can be an exquisite bride together with the elegant tuxedo worn by your husbands. The dress is in detail embroider and beaded with unique woven patterns. You can get any dresses style in damask wedding dress. You should try strapless or non strapless damask dresses. A sweetheart floor length damask wedding dress is one elegant option. Corset style, rosette neckline, train, skirt and hem are other options for having the stunning dress.  The best color for damask wedding dress is champagne, ivory, pink, white, or diamond colors.

Damask wedding decoration

The recommendation for damask wedding decoration is not applying too much damask pattern if you want a modern decor. Just use small damask accents as the part of your wedding favors to avoid being too much and doesn’t lose the modern feeling.

Damask-Wedding-PictureWedding decoration with damask pattern

However, if you want it classic, than applying damask wedding patterns in your centerpieces, table runners and other things is the best idea. Don’t forget to put some damask accents into the take-home gifts to share the elegance damask to your guests.


Damask wedding cake and invitation


Damask wedding cake and invitation

Damask wedding can be also be put in the wedding cake and invitation. For the cake, you can have you cake designed with some damask accent or attach damask ribbons as the trim of your cake. Damask pattern is also nice in cupcakes. For the invitation, you can impress your guest with damask wedding style. The artistic element of damask wedding can be included as the invitation border, envelope, or patterns.