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Christmas Wedding Cake Toppers


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Christmas wedding cake toppers are very easy to make. You can share your idea here. Just explore the ideas of Christmas wedding cake toppers that pop in your mind and make them! Don’t forget to keep trying until you find the best toppers. Any kind of toppers are fine but you should remember that it is a Christmas wedding, make it Christmassy is very important. Some snowflakes, little Santa, golden stars, bride and groom in Santa clothing are some of fantastic ideas. Yet, you should take a look at these Christmas wedding cake toppers idea below for more inspirations.

Christmas Wedding Cake Toppers – Bride And Groom Miniature

Personalize you Christmas wedding cake toppers with something unique but meaningful. The bride and groom toppers are the traditional toppers yet still believed to be unique and of course bring lots of meaning. For Christmas wedding cake toppers, the bride and groom miniature can wear cute Santa Claus clothing or winter dress complete with the jacket and the scarf. Having them in normal wedding clothing is also pretty. Put some little Christmas decoration around the Christmas wedding cake toppers like snows, sleigh, or, Christmas tree.  Whether the bride and groom are standing or sitting doesn’t matter according your wish.


Christmas Wedding Cake Toppers – Christmas Decorations

Having the wedding in Christmas, of course the Christmas decorations would be best. Holly and Ivy Christmas wedding cake toppers are beautiful such as the pinecones, holly, poinsettias, and sugarpaste flowers and plants. Some Christmas bells are simple yet clever. Put the bells at the edges of the cake or mix it with the other Christmas wedding cake toppers. The other ideas are miniature wreaths, presents even stockings are possible!


Christmas Wedding Cake Toppers – Ornament

Using the Christmas ornaments as your Christmas wedding cake toppers is wonderful ideas. As it is a winter as well as Christmas themed wedding cake, the miniature clusters of ornaments will make your wedding cake beautiful with the shiny and metallic baubles. You will have a festive Christmas wedding cake toppers which stun your guests!