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Catholic Wedding Program: The Easy and Quick Ways

Catholic-Wedding-Program-PictureCatholic wedding program

Catholic wedding program is the wedding program that shows the guests of what is going to happen to the wedding ceremony. You can make Catholic wedding program to get your guest responses to your wedding fully. There are three Catholic wedding ceremonies that you can insert. They are the readings, prayers and blessings. These three components are the most important thing that you should put in your Catholic wedding program. In this case, you should design the program carefully and properly.

Catholic-Wedding-Program-PictureBeautiful Catholic wedding program template

Step by step ways of creating a Catholic wedding program

First, plan your wedding. Before you actually writing the program, it is better to list the things that are going to happen in your wedding like the order of the service, the music, the readings, and stuff. It is also including the wedding menu and other wedding element. After planning your wedding, you are now ready to make the Catholic wedding program.

Catholic-Wedding-Program-PictureExample of Catholic wedding program design

Next, it is time create the Catholic wedding program. In doing this, choose whether you create the program yourself or you want to do that by asking help from the professionals. If you do it without help, you just need to make lists of the Catholic program by using your computer and print it in a fancy blank wedding program paper. Or, you can go online to sites providing the designs that allow you to type the program there. Now, your Catholic program is ready.


What to write on your Catholic wedding program


The example of the Catholic program in detail

In writing a Catholic wedding program, mention the entire wedding elements including the parents’ name from both bride and groom using titles of “Mr.” or “Mrs.” If you still have grandparents, you should also include their name after parents’ name. Next, make a list to the other people who are going to participate in your wedding ceremony like the bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girl, officiant, pianists, and others. Don’t forget to include the music and the Catholic mass. This way, you have a perfect Catholic wedding program.