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Backyard Wedding Ideas: Perfect Backyard, Theme, Menu and Music


Unique backyard wedding ideas; the entrance

Backyard wedding ideas can be found everywhere as it can be in your own backyard or even your neighbors’. You just need to be ready exploring your neighborhood and other places. Basically, any backyard can be beautiful if you can get the right backyard wedding ideas. First thing first, you should decide the size of your wedding whether it is small or big one. Then, you should do these following backyard wedding ideas.

Get ready with the perfect backyard


A perfect backyard wedding is not always about the grand backyard with full of flowers like in a palace. You can make your own backyard into the perfect backyard by trimming the bushes and trees, planting some flowers, and adding some decoration like setting up stones, building a small gazebo or other things that come into your mind. If you are not sure, don’t be shy to ask the professionals or browsing gardening sites.

Decide the backyard wedding ideas theme!

After the perfect backyard is ready, now is the time to decide the theme of your backyard wedding. Tea party, backyard barbecue, full green backyard, paper lantern, and summer garden are some themes that can be backyard wedding ideas. As the backyard is already natural, you might want to have the full natural wedding in which you get the guests to feel the nature.  However, bringing some bright colors like pink or blue are also nice ideas as the theme color.

Music and catering backyard wedding ideas

Backyard-Wedding-Ideas-PictureMusic backyard wedding ideas

Backyard-Wedding-Ideas-PictureMenu backyard wedding ideas

For the catering, you can order it to the catering store or restaurant if you don’t have enough time to prepare the menu yourself. You just need to make request of what menu you want to include in your wedding. And if you want to do it alone, you can prepare the snack with pies, donuts, dips and a homemade wedding cake. It will show how talented and prepared you are with the backyard wedding ideas. For the menu, you can do some buffet or BBQ.

For the music, the backyard wedding ideas are any music that suits your wedding theme. You can also choose some country music or beach themed song to get the feeling of nature. However, any kind of music will be great backyard wedding ideas as long as you don’t overdo it.



 Perfect backyard wedding ideas