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Austin Wedding Venues: The Most Recommended

From various Austin wedding venues, you can be trapped in confusion on which venue suits you. Choosing a wedding venue is like choosing a house; you should like it, comfortable with it, big enough, friendly and of course with the best architecture and scenery. Austin wedding venues are the place where you can have the most precious wedding with lots of options like what’s recommended below.


Austin Wedding Venues; Allan House

For those who live in Austin, you might hear about Allan House often as one of Austin wedding venues. It is well known as one of the most historic Austin wedding venues with Victorian style. Built in the 1883, this place has the best verandas with old-fashioned parlors which is perfect for classic wedding theme. Don’t worry for those who what to have big wedding. This place can accommodate 250 guests for both indoor and outdoor events.

Austin Wedding Venues; Villa Antonia


It seems that Austin wedding venues are dominated with historical castles and manors. Villa Antonia is one of them. This villa Is the best Tuscan Villa which is located on a top of a hill. Outside, you can enjoy the lake-view terrace and inside, you will enjoy the great winding marble staircase.

Austin Wedding Venues; The Springs Events

This is a modern Austin wedding venues with natural surroundings. The building is incredible with lovely design of solid oak floors, cedar and limestone walls. The counter-tops are made of granite with exposed ceiling trusses. The halls are spacious for small or big weddings. The services and amenities are great too. You can rent this place for 16 hours. After you pay the rental costs, they won’t ask anymore fee for any services and amenities.


In order to get the best Austin wedding venues, be sharp of exploring different places and check their facilities carefully. Don’t forget to always concern about the pricing to avoid over budgeting in you wedding plan. Choosing Austin wedding venues is not a difficult task as long as you always bring you instinct and proper observation.