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Bamboo Wedding Invitations

The bamboo invitation card is invitation card that made from bamboo and paper roll in it, it serves as an wedding invitations. In it there is a paper containing the wedding invitation for your friends and your relation. This bamboo invitation cards are unique and classic in its class, but which still have a function as they should. On the main page / front, containing a backyard wedding invitations and can function as a site plan for your wedding guests to took wedding’s place, so as a guests you don’t have trouble to finding a position where the wedding took place, and its unique in case unrolled bamboo newsletter on this invitation will have a classic impression for your guests when reading , it will impress like the king who read the petition because it holds the invitation rolls.

Bamboo wedding invitations

Calendars in wedding invitation

In addition to the plan, the backyard can also fill in the calendar year. This year’s calendar also has a power function very well, why is great ? because it has functions such as calendar years in general, so after you’re done for the wedding , bamboo  invitation will serve as the calendar year that can be displayed in the living room or bedroom in the houses of  your invited guests. And in this calendar you can also mark your wedding date, so your guests can easily view your event to be held  if a calendar viewed by your guests, your wedding will be remembered on the calendar.